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Equine MedSport

Dr. Cindi M. Cox-LaCroix DVM has the distinction of being an accomplished horsewoman, winning National titles, as well as being awarded the Hutton-Riley Equine Award of Veterinary Excellence while graduating first in her class, equine division, from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Dr. LaCroix has operated her own veterinary practice since 1991, and has managed the equine sports medicine programs of some of the largest and most competitive show barns in the United States. This unique combination of being personally involved with show ring competition, combined with her special interest in Equine sports medicine, provides Dr. LaCroix with the eye and “horse feel” that is critical to her decision making while identifying the causes and effects of training and locomotion problems.


Accel Training Systems

Ray LaCroix has been riding horses since 1958, and a professional horseman since 1973. Ray knows what competitive horses are all about. As a professional trainer, Ray has trained and managed horses garnering over 260 National Championships in every major division within the Arabian breed. Care, proper management, and attention to detail with respect to each individual horse’s health were instrumental in amassing the championships. The same recipe delivers consistent results in the rehabilitation center.

Some of his current affiliations and accomplishments include:

  • Saddle Seat Trainer of the Year

  • Member of , and

  • Certified Master Practitioner, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

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