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Our Approach

Unique to Arizona, this equine facility combines two complementary, yet separate businesses: Accel Training Systems and EquineMedSport. We have specialized in high-end performance training and conditioning for 34 years and diagnostics and lameness treatment for 16 years. 

Together, we have trained and managed more than 70 national champions covering numerous disciplines in the last eight years alone. Instrumental to the production of these champions has been the development of the most complete diagnostic, therapeutic, and management protocols for equines in the United States.

Proven protocols and unrivaled success has resulted in a client list comprised of the most successful and well-known owners, amateur riders, and trainers in the world.

Proven Partnership, Proven Results

The Sound Horse is a partnership between two highly successful people dedicated to injury recovery and conditioning of equine athletes, including:

  • Complete lameness diagnostics

  • “Prehab” to prepare your horse for post-surgical rehab

  • Post surgical through return to training

  • Complete treatment and subsequent rehabilitation of tendon and ligament injuries

  • Pre Conditioning prior to training/competing

A Synergistic Approach

The Sound Horse offers a safe and controlled environment supervised by a skilled and experienced staff, including onsite veterinarian supervision – critical to efficient equine rehabilitation.

Our synergistic approach enables each equine athlete to be the best they can be. We can collaborate with your veterinarian and trainer to follow a prescribed protocol or work directly with you and your horse to provide in-house diagnostics and an individually tailored rehab regimen.

Outside veterinarians are made to feel like it is their facility and the staff is their own.

We are professionals supporting professionals, and most of all, the horse.

A Return to Wellness

Our goal is to facilitate safe and rapid healing, enabling every equine athlete to achieve complete physical and mental wellness.

The most important determinant for any horse to successfully rehab is constant revisions to the rehab protocol in response to the horse’s reaction to the regimen.

Advancing the exercise level too rapidly can produce a costly setback. We have the ability to immediately assess how your horse responds to the rehab regimen. If a problem materializes, your veterinarian is immediately consulted and a solution is implemented.

Rehabilitation for horses in competition is successful when the injured horse returns completely to normal function and reaches competitive fitness.   The more efficient the rehab process, the more cost-effective it becomes…Because with rehab, time really is money.

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